About us

Our Story

Cozewell is a young startup that originated in 2021 in the heart of Paderborn, Germany. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to ensure optimal body temperature control in any situation. Supported by the Exzellenz-Start-Up Center Tec-Up and the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) region, we’re committed to creating innovative temperature solutions that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Our collaboration with Tec-Up and NRW reflects our determination to bring practical, effective comfort to individuals. We understand that comfort isn’t just about convenience; it’s about enabling people to focus on what they love without being hindered by temperature extremes.



At Cozewell, we’re driven by the desire to strike the right balance between warmth and cooling. Our work is guided by the belief that everyone deserves to experience comfort on their own terms. Join us as we explore new horizons, challenge the status quo, and bring a fresh perspective to the world of temperature-regulating technology.

Karam Farkhat

Karam Farkhat

studied industrial engineering at the University of Paderborn and, together with Robert Fleischer, is responsible for all technical development tasks.

Marie Klostermann

Marie Klostermann

studied business informatics at the University of Paderborn and is responsible for sales and marketing.

Paul Liebersbach - Zuschnitt

Paul Liebersbach

studied economics at the University of Paderborn and is responsible for strategic planning and finance.

Our partners

Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection

At cozewell, we are honored to be supported by esteemed organizations that share our vision for innovative temperature solutions. The EXIST Business Start-up Grant from the federal ministry of economy and climate protection, through the Exist Scholarship, empowers us to transform our groundbreaking ideas into actionable business plans. This grant’s focus on fostering innovation ensures that we can make a meaningful impact in the field of temperature-regulating technology.

Tec Up

TecUp, the Exzellenz-Start-Up Center, plays a pivotal role in our journey by providing comprehensive training and incubation programs. Their guidance equips us with essential skills, networks, and resources, enabling us to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and clarity.

Tech Hub K67

We’re also fortunate to collaborate with K67, an invaluable partner whose support enables us to enhance our initiatives. Their commitment has amplified our ability to create impactful programs for our community, contributing to the broader positive change we seek to achieve.


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